Brent Haines

Brent Haines

CTO, Transparency Global

As the Chief Technology Officer for Transparency Global, Brent leads the technological and scientific vision and is responsible for the research, development, adoption and delivery of all aspects of technology, tools and products in use.

A serial entrepreneur, Brent sold his first commercial software offering at the age of 16 and has spent the next 38 years solving critical business and consumer problems with technology in industries that span across commerce, advertising, telecommunications, bioinformatics, finance and Artificial Intelligence.

Brent has more than 35 years experience in the high-tech software delivery space, 25 of them in leadership positions including Director of Engineering, VP of Engineering and CTO. He has taken startups from concept to exit, developing a specialty for producing strong teams that are motivated by solving intractable problems, inspiring each other and pleasing the consumer with the results of their work. He is never happier than when he is working with smart people who love to challenge themselves breaking new ground and learning new things.

Driven by his inquisitive nature, Brent is constantly searching for ways to improve his community and society through the application of technology. He is passionate about his role at Transparency and is driven to develop tools and technologies that can achieve and leverage objective measures of transparency and trust throughout the digital space, improving value and efficiency not only for investing (how we relate to the companies we work for and invest in), but in the way we communicate with each other in this hyperconnected world.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Brent has discovered that he loves to advise and mentor young technology leaders; to help them plan for and deliver success. Having faced the reality that so many in society seem to derive a sense of power in the destruction of things, Brent has discovered that there is real, lasting reward in building and affirming. He spends is downtime working to master the art of making things and helping people. He endeavors to leave a lasting, positive impression on the world around him.