How does a company become a Certified Transparent Company™?

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Does it matter what industry the company is in to become certified?

No, the certification adds value in any industry.

Does company size matter for certification?

No, certification is valuable for any size company and any business structure.

Can International companies request to become certified?


Will my company be able to place certification seal on our website?

Yes, we will provide the seal for use on web, in-print and across all social media channels.

Will my company be able to advertise being certified?

Yes. We recommend verifying with your internal regulatory compliance.

Does paying the certification fee guarantee my company will be certified?

No, To become a Certified Transparent Company™, all requirements must be met.

How do I get a copy of the Transparency Wave book?

You can order the book HERE.

What are the goals of Transparency Global?

Accelerate the world’s adoption of transparency

Is Transparency Global employee owned?

Yes, the company is 100% employee owned

Does Transparency Global have any debt?

No, the company has no debt

What are Transparency Global's privacy standards?

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What are Transparency Global's terms?

View the Terms and Conditions HERE.

What are Transparency Global's Transparency Benchmarks?

View the Transparency Benchmarks HERE.