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Sustainability Standards

We want to play our part in building a sustainable future for people and planet.

At Transparency Global, our goal is to celebrate a regenerative culture that positively contributes to the well-being of people and planet. Transparency Global is committed to making our business a positive catalyst for our partners, our employees, our communities and our environment.

Our goal is to foster environmental sustainability through our business, including our operations, our sourcing practices, and our products. We are devoted to improving our environmental footprint – from empowering partners with digital processes to promoting environmental transparency in our communities. We have several initiatives and strategies in place that reflect our core values and commitment to upholding our corporate responsibilities.

Specifically, we are committed to:

  • Measuring major greenhouse gas emissions from our operations to inform emissions reduction strategies.
  • Engage employees, partners, and vendors in our efforts to reduce our environmental impacts.
  • Building and enhancing digital products that reduce the physical resources requiring our employees and customers to conduct business.


The following highlights our efforts to manage environmental impacts across key areas of our business:


  • Provide our employees with opportunities to manage their environmental impacts, including helping them to find commuter travel.
  • Engage employees in environmental sustainability through our employee remote work policy and green work initiatives such as employing dark mode, energy saving software, and use of eco-friendly power strips.
  • Provide employees opportunities to explore philanthropic efforts to promote employee engagement with environmental organizations and initiatives that support local communities.

Travel & Events

  • Engage our travel and event suppliers (hotels, conference centers, rental car agencies) to share our environmental policy and identify greener choices for our travel and events.
  • Offset all employee travel with Gold Standard certified projects invested in carbon sequestration, deforestation, water scarcity solutions, and biodiversity support.
  • Reduce business travel where feasible through use of technologies such as video conferencing.
  • Look to minimize environmental impacts of our events, by including environmental considerations in our contracts and show preference to suppliers that can meet our business requirements in environmentally preferable ways.

Data Centers & Website

  • Utilize the most energy-efficient servers and equipment that meet our business requirements.
  • Include environmental criteria in the consideration of all website functions including green host certification.
  • Responsibly manage (reuse, recycle, properly dispose of) all leased and owned IT equipment at the end of their useful lives.

Sustainable Relationships and Sourcing

  • Include environmental criteria in our vendor selection process, giving preference to vendors with better environmental performance, where possible.
  • Include our environmental expectations in contracts with vendors, where possible.

Sustainability Goals

We believe sustainability starts with transparency and the key to achieving maximum potential is learning as you go, celebrating the wins, and being transparent about the losses.

Our sustainability goals are listed below. We will track our progress against these goals to ensure our company and the values of our employees remain aligned with our sustainability mission, and we encourage our business partners and community to take similar actions.

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Establish a Transparency Sustainability Fund for carbon sequestration innovation.

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Increase Global
Climate Transparency.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

We are committed to making a positive impact for the future through transparency, and therefore we are particularly inspired by SDG 3, ‘Good Health and Well-Being’, SDG 4 ‘Quality Education’, SDG 7 ‘Affordable and Clean Energy’, SDG 9, ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’, SDG 12, ‘Responsible Consumption and Production,’ and SDG 17, ‘Partnerships for the Goals.’ This is where we see our contribution making the greatest impact on the future.  

SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-Being
SDG 4 - Quality Education
SDG 7 Affordable Clean Energy
SDG 9 - Industry Innovation & Infrastructure
SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production
SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals